Nestlé Australia

Nestlé Australia are the world's biggest food and beverage company

With over 2000 brands Nestlé brought in over $97 billion in 2019, specialising in coffee Nescafé to pet food Purina.

Interactive email campaigns with responsive capabilities

With such a wide range of customers, Nestlé Australia needed emails that would cater to all users accessing their emails not only on desktop browsers but across all mobile devices as well. During my time at eWave agency I designed and developed mobile-first intuitive responsive email campaigns that captavated auidences with touch-friendly, swipeable elements and carousels and challenged the idea of EDM design.

Nestlé Australia Purina Email
Nestlé Australia Purina Cat
Nestlé Australia Purina dog

Unifying multiple brands under one umbrella

Home of over 2000 brands my constant challenge with Nestlé was to bring the same consistent look and feel throughout every email I worked on. I thrived within the challenge and focused on the email's finer details to unify such as button styling, fonts and icon design. Using the latest in email tracking technology I was also able to track how customers interacted with the emails and make future amendments, only re-using elements that brought in the highest click-through rates.

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