I always knew that design was going to be a strong part of my life. At just 10 years of age, I took to my old Window's 95 PC and taught myself the tricks of the coding and design trade, creating my very first website. I had found my calling!

This passion led me from a small Australian town to bustling Sydney and laid-back Newcastle, working with diverse organisations like Nike, Walmart, Amazon, University Of Technology and The Australian Government.

While my journey started with technical coding skills, user research stole my heart. Over the past decade, I've honed my expertise in user research, UX/UI design, and product development, driven by a desire to create meaningful experiences that empower users.

“I design to empower, not just impress. My passion lies in using design as a tool for positive impact.”

Bethany Moran

Understanding user needs is core to my approach. I believe true design goes beyond aesthetics; it's about solving real problems and improving people's lives. That's why I constantly empathise with users, identify their pain points, and collaboratively design solutions that meet their needs, not just "sell" products.

This quest for knowledge and impact extends beyond my work. I actively participate in international design conferences and UX meetups, and even mentor aspiring designers. It fuels my passion to contribute to a future where user-centered design isn't just a trend, but the norm.

Instead of throwing technology at engagement problems, I believe in asking the right questions. I firmly believe true understanding comes from the user's perspective, leading to solutions that improve their daily lives, not just their numbers.

Each day, I'm grateful for the opportunity to use my skills to bridge the gap between users and solutions, ultimately making a positive impact on their world.

Bethany Moran
We spend a lot time designing the bridge, but not enough time thinking about the people who are crossing it.
Dr. Prabhjot Singh
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